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Our low risk, non-surgical solution for skin tightening can help you feel better about your skin and body in one session. If you’re feeling self-conscious about the state of your skin, consider a Fibroblast treatment to help you reclaim your life.

What is Fibroblast
Plasma treatment?

Fibroblast Skin Treatment is performed using a plasma pen and under topical anesthetic cream.
An electrical arc is discharged from the plasma pen without actually touching the skin. Ar the multiple places on the treated area where the plasma pen is used, the discharge leavesm icro craters in the skin which heal in form of dots (see image on the right). The skin around the dots naturally shrinks to heal the micro craters which cause the skin tightening effect.

Fibroblast skin tightening, when performed correctly, is one of the best non-surgical skin treatments in the beauty industry and cosmetology to date.

What are the Benefits of
Fibroblast Plasma Treatment?

You get the gist! it's AMAZING!

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